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Box Shop

Self Storage Box Shop

When you’re moving, storage boxes are indispensable. Any move is about packing everything you own into a small enough space to fit in a van that holds a fraction of the room in your home. The best way of squeezing all this together is by using storage boxes. Moving is stressful enough. There are lots of decisions that need to be made just to get things going. An excellent place to start is with the storage boxes you’ll need.

At Global Self Storage Alexandria, we want to provide our customers with a single place to find everything needed for a successful move. That’s why we provide a complete catalogue of storage bins, packaging materials and all the supplies you’ll need to get packed up. Buy everything that you need from the Box Shop in our storage facility in Alexandria.



Archive Box Book & Wine Tea Chest Port-a-robe
Archive Box Storage Box Tea Chest Box Port A Robe Box





Striped Bag Corrugated Cardboard Bubble Wrap Mattress Cover
Striped Storage Bag Corrugated Cardboard Bubble Wrap Mattress Cover


By the metre

By the metre

One size fits all

Padlock Tape Packaging Paper
Padlock Packing Tape Packing Paper

Heavy duty


2.5kg – 5kg


No matter what you’re missing when you start taking inventory of what you have for moving, Global Self Storage Alexandria has you and all your valuables covered. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the packing materials we have in stock in our Box Shop:

  • Archive box – a standard cardboard moving box that can keep all of your smaller items like kitchenware, toiletries, picture frames and electronics packed snuggly
  • Book and wine box – a much taller version of the archive box that’s great for, well, wine and books, to name a couple things, but really anything too tall for the archive or stackable enough to keep together
  • Tea chest – a rather large box you can store clothes or bulky items into easily
  • Port a robe – an ingenious makeshift closet to keep suits, dresses and any type of clothing or tall item unruffled and untouched during the move
  • Mattress cover – mattresses are highly absorbent, and these ensure that you can keep yours from taking in any dust, dirt or stray chemicals that it might be exposed to during a removal or storage
  • Padlock – these heavy duty padlocks keep everything you want in and everyone you don’t want out

So why would you buy storage boxes anywhere else when you can get everything you need right here? Global Self Storage Alexandria wants to make relocation simple, affordable and as easy as possible so you can enjoy your new home. While you look through our services and offerings to prepare, shop for storage boxes and include it all together in the same purchase, it’s that easy!

Global Self Storage Box Shop