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How Much Storage Space Do You Need?

“How much space will I need?”

That’s the most common question here at Global Self Storage Alexandria. So, on this page, we have tried to help you with this question by providing some of the more common storage unit sizes as well as examples of what would fit into them.

If you anticipate accessing your goods reasonably frequently, remember not to pack your goods too efficiently, because that will make it harder to access your goods after they’re packed.

All of our self storage units have a minimum height of 2.8 metres.

Please note that self storage providers (like us) typically measure storage units in square metres but removalists measure in cubic metres. That’s why the below list also provides both of these measures for all storage unit sizes listed. Please also note that these storage unit sizes are only a guide – we have a MUCH greater range of storage unit sizes than just those shown here.

Size: How to imagine: What will it fit:
1.86 square metres
{5.66 cubic metres}
Small closet Can store about 10 tea chest sized boxes.
4.65 square metres
{14.16 cubic metres}
Walk-in wardrobe Can store the contents of a small one bedroom apartment.
9.29 square metres
{28.32 cubic metres}
Typical bedroom Furniture for 2-3 Bedroom House.
12.08 square metres
{36.81 cubic metres}
Small Car Garage Furniture for Average 3 Bedroom House.
18.58 square metres
{56.63 cubic metres}
Standard Car Garage Furniture for a Larger House.

To estimate the space required for individual items, please use our handy Storage Space Calculator.

If you already know how much storage you want, and you’re thinking you might just need a couple of months, then take advantage of our Short Stay offer. If you’re thinking you might need a year, then take advantage of our Long Stay offer. For any other requirement, just head directly to our Instant Quotes page and fill out our Inquiry Form.

If it’s starting to sound a bit complicated, don’t forget that our friendly Customer Service staff are only too happy to help you work out how much space you might need. Contact us today.

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