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How to Pack for Self Storage

Top Tips for Packing A Storage Unit

Trying to organise and pack boxes for storage can be overwhelming, so we’ve compiled our top tips to make packing a storage unit easy.

Make a list of all items that will go into the storage unit.
This makes it easy to remember what has been stored. When you need to find something in the unit, you will quickly and easily know where to find it.

Identify which items you will need to access the most in your storage unit and place them near the front.
Depending on the purpose of your storage unit, you may know that you will need some items sooner than others. For example, if you are moving and need to store your furniture in short term storage, your bed may be of higher priority than your books.

Shelving in your unit can help you maximise your storage space.
If you’re planning for long term storage, using shelves in your unit can help maximising the space and keep things organised. You may not want to stack boxes but store them on shelves to make them easier to access.

Don’t forget to utilise vertical space.
If tables can be stored on their side, you will have more space. The same applies to bikes and couches.

Pack as much as you can in stackable boxes.
Don’t forget to label all boxes and even colour code them based on rooms (kitchen items, bedroom, bathroom). This will make the process much easier when moving boxes or even identifying which boxes you want to access at any given time.

Make an aisle when packing.
This will give you easy access to the back and sides of the unit. This is especially useful when storing long term as you will have enough room to access everything instead of having walls of boxes, making it difficult to reach anything in the back.

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