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Self Storage Home Staging Tips

Decluttering and Storage Tips for Home Staging When Selling Your Home

For sellers wanting to maximise the sale price of their home, first impressions are key in attracting the interest of buyers. To get an idea of how your home can be presented to its full potential, look at other properties in your market and how they present – clean, spacious, styled – not cluttered. The first step in preparing your home for sale is removing clutter to help create the visual illusion of more space and provide people the opportunity to envision themselves in your space and secure that sale. Here are our top tips for decluttering your home for sale.

  • Remove personal items

Photographs, knick knacks, travel mementos, fridge magnets. In fact, if you choose to store these items, they can be organised before your move and then easy to find once you’re settled in your new place.

  • Clear surfaces

Clear off all benchtops and make room for a single vase or styling. Minimalism is key when it comes to showing your house. People will be more likely to purchase if they can visualise themselves living there. Make room for them to picture their things filling up shelves, kitchen benchtops and more.

  • Books

Overstuffed bookshelves can look busy. Styling bookshelves can be as simple as stripping out some books to leave space and replacing with coordinated accessories such as a vase, decorative sculpture or potted plant. Books can be grouped by colour and coordinated with a matching palate of accessories. Again, if packing books away – you can prepare them for moving or storage now and give yourself time to organise, making the process easier when unpacking.

  • Furniture

The furniture in your house when showing, is important. You want the space to be clean and inviting, not cluttered and overwhelming. Removing oversized or bulky furniture such as couches or cabinets can help to create a more spacious feel when people inspect your property. Whether you’re personally removing furniture ahead of showing or hiring someone to dress your house, storage can be a really useful place to keep large furniture items in the interim period between showing and moving.

  • Wardrobes and cupboards

Storage space is a key factor when selecting a property – so pack up and store items from overstuffed cupboards and wardrobes to show space. Invest in some boxes or dividers to give an organised spacious feel.

  • Organise self-storage solutions

Safely store all your treasures and personal items. Whether you’ll need storage temporarily in between moving or will need some space long term, you can request a cheap storage quote from Global Self Storage Alexandria.

If you’re looking for a place to store your belongings when moving, request a quote today. GSS Alexandria has storage options and services to help you make the most of your money while moving.

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