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Downsizing and Storage Tips

The Best Storage Solutions for Downsizing

There are numerous reasons why people downsize, whether it’s due to moving from the family home into something smaller and easier to maintain after the kids move out, moving somewhere more affordable while saving for the next big move, or moving into a retirement unit as we age. In all cases, the amount of ‘stuff’ we own becomes glaringly apparent and it can sometimes be very overwhelming to work out how to downsize everything to fit into this new stage of our life.

While downsizing can be the perfect time to have a clean out of things that are not needed or don’t serve us anymore, there are always those items that we just can’t part with. In cases of temporary downsizing, there are items that may not be needed and won’t fit into the smaller home such as garden tools, large furniture items and household appliances. Then in cases of permanent downsizing, there are those items that we are tied to due to their sentimental meaning or emotional attachment that we aren’t ready to part with just yet such as that teddy bear we had as a child, our children’s toys, the trophies we won playing sport, and even items such as clothing and ornaments.

The process of sorting through such items can cause huge anxiety in some people and the decision making process can be exhausting. There are loads of useful articles to help work through the downsizing or de-cluttering process and one of the most popular methods is the 4 boxes method:

Box 1. Throw Away

Items that are damaged, no longer of use, or no longer ‘spark joy’ as the popular home organising guru Marie Kondo would say.

Box 2. Donate or Sell

For items no longer needed that may be useful to others.

Box 3. Keep

For essential items and those sentimental items you just can’t part with.

Box 4. Undecided

When you can’t decide immediately and need to re-assess later (don’t let this box get out of hand!).

Once you have gone through the downsizing decision making process, boxes 3 and 4 will need to be sorted into items that will go to the new home and those that need to be stored. The next step is to contact Global Self Storage Alexandria and we can help you find the most suitable and cost effective storage solution for your downsizing needs whether they be on a short or long term basis. The process is easy!

Step 1. Online Storage Space Calculator

Use our handy online storage space calculator to work out how much space you will need.

Step 2. Storage Quote Request

Complete our online storage quote request form or call our helpful staff. Our friendly team will respond as soon as possible with a storage quote to meet your needs.

Step 3. Pack & Move!

Pack and Move! Use our Move in van or trailer to help transport your goods to our storage facility.

Step 4. Enjoy!

Enjoy your relaxing, clutter free new lifestyle!

If you’re looking for a storage solutions for downsizing, the helpful team at Global Self Storage Alexandria will be happy to help.

Couple Packing Storage Boxes for Downsizing need storage in Alexandria