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What You Need To Know About Mobile Self Storage?

Limitations of Mobile Self Storage

Everyone’s needs for self storage is different, are you temporarily storing while you move? Downsizing? Relocating? There has been a rise of mobile or portable store units in Sydney. While the idea of have mobile self storage sounds great there are some limitations to using these services that many customers don’t understand.

GSS Mobile Self Storage
Access Access 7 days a week Requires booking and 24 hour notice
Moving Cost Moving van/trailer $40.00 per hour – minimum of 4 hours + fuel
Storage Rates From $50 per month From $149 per month
Security Established over 30 years New to market


How often do you want to be able to access your things? With traditional self storage, you have access to your belongings 7 days a week depending on company business hours. With mobile storage, you can’t turn up to your unit on a whim. You must contact the company 24 hours ahead of visiting so they can collect your mobile storage unit. Sometimes you need to quickly pick up something you have stored, and mobile storage doesn’t accommodate such flexibility. If your intention is to store your belongings and not access them for a while, there are a number of cheap storage options, even through traditional storage providers.

Moving Costs

We all know how expensive moving can be, between managing the costs of deposits and legal fees, spending a lot of money on removalist’s and self storage is not what people want. In the rise of mobile storage units, they’re marketed as more convenient and cost effective. However, between reservation fee’s, the cost of having multiple mobile units and the manpower required from removalists, there is little cost saving compared to conventional storage and removalists.

Storage Rates

With 30 years’ experience, GSS Alexandria understands that self storage is often something that requires flexibility. In time you may need more or less space to store your belongings and with self storage providers, you’re given the ability to up or downsize your storage unit – keeping all of your things in one unit.

The average size of a mobile storage unit only has the capacity to fit 1-1.5 rooms worth of furniture. If you’re moving overseas or temporarily need to store large items, you could need up to 3 portable storage units to clear your house. The more you have to store, the more boxes you need and have to keep track of. Costs add up, the more boxes you have, however you can arrange one storage space to house all your belongings for a cheaper cost at a traditional self storage unit.


Mobile self storage boxes offer you the convenience of having your unit on your door stop to easily load up your belongings. However, despite the fact only you have the keys to the box, there is still a risk that it could be broken in to or not securely looked after. If you decide to move the mobile storage box to the company’s storage facility, there is an increased level of security. However, for the cost to move the mobile storage unit (upwards of $139) to the facility, you could move your things directly to a traditional self storage unit. At GSS Alexandria we offer our customers move in vans, so you can save on costs of having removalists move your things to storage.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, safe place to store your belongings when moving, request a quote today.