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Preparing Items for Safe Storage

Top Tips for Preparing Items for Safe Storage

It’s important to prepare items correctly before placing them into storage. We have over 30 years of experience in the storage industry, so have prepared our top tips to help you safely prepare items for your next storage move.

Preparing Furniture for Storage

To protect your furniture, use a cover or old blankets to wrap around it. If the design allows, stack chairs seat to seat with paper or cloth in between each chair. Mattresses should be covered with designed-for-purpose mattress covers. Store mattresses upright to conserve space within the storage unit.

Store Electrical Equipment

Fragile electrical equipment is best stored in its original packaging, or other suitable carton. If storing kitchen appliances and whitegoods, ensure that they are thoroughly clean and dry before storing. Fridges must be defrosted. Fridges and other whitegoods (washing machines, dryers, etc.) are best stored with their doors slightly ajar.

Store Clothing and Apparel

Clothing should be stored in Port-A-Robe cartons to keep your clothes dust and wrinkle free. If you’re storing clothing for the longer term, consider napthalene or mothballs. Moving bags are also ideal for storing linens.

Safely Store Soft Furnishings and Linens

When storing soft furnishings or linens, use vacuum bags for the most efficient use of space. Then store the vacuum bags into clearly marked cartons.

How to Store Fragile Items, including Glassware and Crockery

Carefully wrap all fragile items separately in tissue or packing paper and pack in cartons. Place extra packing in the bottom, top, and in between items to ensure that spare space is used up. Mark each carton as “Fragile”, and label the contents. Ensure that all fragile items are not stacked under heavy items, and are stored away from any heavy or awkward items.

Plates, saucers, and bowls should also be individually wrapped before being placed in cartons. Artwork and mirrors should be wrapped in paper and corrugated cardboard. Use a double thickness of corrugated cardboard for the corners.

Storing Books and Documents

Sort all books and documents into categories and pack flat into special-purpose archive boxes or book cartons. Be careful not to over fill the cartons or they will be too heavy to lift and move.

Items to Store with Caution

Do not store anything combustible (e.g. petrol, paint and paint thinner, or solvents). In particular, ensure that equipment that uses an internal combustion engine (e.g. mower, whipper snipper) is emptied of petrol or other fuel. Ensure that any gas cylinders are empty. Do not store perishables (e.g. plants or food that spoils).

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